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Marut Agri

A comprehensive tech-based solution using drones & IoT, combined with advanced data science algorithms to make agriculture smarter.

Farmers in India have always faced a multitude of problems, ranging from soil salinity issues to inefficient spraying of fertilisers and pesticides due to lack of infrastructure and funds. Lack of conclusive data on crop health and soil health also contributes to the farmers’ troubles.

Intelligent Agriculture: A Scientific, Profitable, and Risk-free Solution for Farmers


Marut Drones is pioneering the advent of Intelligent Agriculture in India by facilitating the prevention and prediction of crop losses. 

We provide a comprehensive drone solution that offers UAV based Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imaging, Data Analytics and Machine Learning to aid Crop Diagnostics and Targeted Spraying.

Crop Monitoring and Diagnostics

~ The UAV is equipped with Hyperspectral/Multispectral Imaging, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning to capture data as it follows a flight plan

~ The data will be analysed to create prescription maps to determine areas with nutrients deficiency, predict pest attacks, etc.

~ The areas are regularly monitored to detect crop stress and diseases

Drone Services

~ Specific targeted interventions will be staged in the affected areas with the help of UAVs:

~ Granular Spreading Drone
The drone is designed specially for seeding, fertilisation, and plant protection

~ Spraying Drone
The autonomous drone is equipped with a 10 litre tank to spray efficiently and uniformly over the flight area without resource wastage

~ Seed Sowing Drone
The drone spreads seeds evenly across the flight area, reducing the chances of human inefficiency


40x times faster than manual labour
Reaches Inaccessible Areas
Higher Efficiency in Lesser Time
Larger Reach in Lesser Time
Uniform Spraying
No Harmful Side-effects on Manual Labour~Reduced Inefficient use of Resources~Potential to Increase Crop Yield~Reduced Loss of Revenue~Gain insights into soil health, nutritional value, etc~Reduced Pesticide Residue Levels in Food~Reduced Dependency on Manual Labour~Potential to Improve Soil Health
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