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Marut COVID19

With the number of COVID19 cases rising by the day, these times that are upon us, is unlike anything we’ve experienced. Despite having lockdowns, there are still a lot of professionals out there who are risking their lives and are possible vectors of the disease’s spread – Police Officers, Sanitation Workers, Health Professionals and so many more.


Marut’s drones will complement disease control measures undertaken by the Government and make the fight against COVID19 effective, efficient, fast and with less externalities. We will do this through 5 different services. 

Our Impact

  • Marut has covered 8 districts, across Telangana State
  • Marut in other border districts with the help of Trichy Municipal Corporation and Andhra Pradesh Govt.
  • Successfully disinfected 1900 kms, using 9800 litres of chemical spanning
  • With a capacity of 15 drones and 18 pilots, Marut drones help attack the COVID-19 spread, 5 times faster than human methods!


Contact us

+91- 9985855494

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