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Marut GRO

A scaleable model of Reforestation that is more reliable, effective and faster

At a time when awareness of global warming and climate change is at its peak, MarutGro has devised a way to help restore forests (even at a large scale); to quickly, sustainably and collaboratively turn our dream for a better future, into a reality.  

With Marut Gro, we wish to “Make Reforestation Scalable” through ‘Drone Swarms’ that can plant up to 1,00,000 trees a day.


Drones and AI are used to survey and map the terrain to identify places needing Reforestation.

Determine trees to be grown based on various parameters like soil, climate, indigenous seed varieties & historical growth data using AI. 

Seedballs are created by local communities who are dependent on the forest area.

Drones are deployed to spray seeds over designated areas; reaching areas over treacherous terrain too.

The path followed by the drones are geotagged, facilitating periodic drone monitoring of sown area to collect tree statistics.

Corrective steps are taken for healthy tree growth.


Faster and More Reliable Work Done in Lesser Time

Drones accomplish afforestation tasks much sooner, when compared to humans.

Lesser Manpower Used and Danger to Tree-planters

Tree-planters will not be used, resulting in lesser danger to them.

Ten-fold Reduction in Costs

The use of drones will cut back on the costs incurred to hire tree-planters, and other manual costs.

More Efficient

Difficult to access terrains like hilly regions- moderate forest areas can be accessed and replanted with ease. Moreover, seeds can be sown at the right time just before the monsoon season begins.

More Effective

Coating of seeds with healthy growth catalysts like soil, cow dung, cow urine, compost etc, increases the success of seed germination.


Area specific multiple tree varieties can be grown; putting an end to monoculture plantations.


Periodic monitoring of trees even after sowing to maintain healthy forests and taking effective, scientific, and corrective measures.

Data Driven

Creates data hub of forest characteristics which can be used for effective maintenance of forests, learn more about species, choosing area specific trees, civil society monitoring & proving the country’s progress in UNFCCC.
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