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Marut Medico

Fly vital medical supplies by drones equipped with advanced navigation technology. 

Countless lives are lost every year due to the inaccessibility of medicines during times of extreme strife, and otherwise also. Marut Drones aims to change that with Marut Medico, your very own saviour who delivers medicines from the sky. 

Increasing Access to Medicines for Communities

Using drones to deliver blood and other medical goods to people in remote and inaccessible areas is an exemplary project that demonstrates the use of technology for the social good” 

– K.T. Rama Rao, IT minister, State of Telangana


The fully automated drones are equipped with obstacle avoidance and advanced navigation technology to deliver medical, and other vital supplies.

These drones can reach places that are virtually inaccessible by land, and have a quick turnaround time, irrespective of the weather conditions.

It is exceedingly useful in emergencies like disaster relief, ambulance services, first aid, transplants, and accidents, where prompt responses are the order of the day. 

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