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What is the maximum and minimum range of the drone?

The maximum range of the drone is 2KM from GCS (Ground Control Station), but according to flying rules, agriculture drones come under the VLOS (Virtual Line of  Sight)  type which means you should fly this drone only up to the distance you can clearly see it with naked eyes.

What is the maximum and minimum height attained?

Technically our drone is able to attain heights up to 300 metres but for agriculture use the government has allowed agriculture drones to be operated only up to 33 metres because even the tallest crop also does not require height above 33 metres. 

What are the crops we can do spraying with AG-365?

All types of crops can be sprayed using AG-365 for eg. paddy, wheat, sugarcane, banana, potato, onion, tomato, millets, soybean, mango, cashew etc. (there are limitations at some stages in grapes, mangos etc)

For what purposes can we use AG-365?

AG-365 is India’s first multi-utility drone which is used for spraying, fertiliser spreading, pollination, direct seeding, crop health monitoring, etc

How many acres can be covered in a day?

If you have a total of 5 battery sets available with your drone then you can easily cover 25 to 30 acres a day in 2 working shifts (again it depends on pilot skills and experience and field conditions ) acre coverage per day will increase with increasing experience.

How much amount can I charge per acre if I want to use this drone for rental purposes?

You can charge 500-600 per acre easily and for some crops like sugarcane, pomegranate, and orange you can charge  100-200 extra per acre.

What is the life cycle of one set of batteries?

The life cycle of a 1-set battery is 250.

How is your drone different from other drones?

  1. Our flying time is the highest among all available drones (22 mins); 3 acres can be done with a single charge of a battery set.
  2. Our drone is DGCA-certified India’s first multi-utility drone
  3. We have intensively tested our drone over more than 1.5 lac acres before sending it to market
  4. We are not only giving you a drone but we are giving you technology and our agriculture research experience as well
  5. Our drone is tested and equipped with terrain following and obstacle avoidance sensors 
  6. Our drone comes with its own developed software and firmware

Does the drone come with Sensors and Radars?

Yes, AG-365 comes with obstacle avoidance and terrain following radars with other fail safety features as well.

What is the maximum or minimum distance that the drone will be identifying the obstacle?

The drone will identify the obstacle from 22 metres and it will maintain a 15-metre safe distance from the obstacle.

How is it possible to cover 1 acer with 10 litres?

It is possible with a drone only because the drone is autonomous and smart enough to make it possible, we call it ultra-low volume spraying technology so when you spray with any other spraying equipment you need 150 – 200 litres of water to spray 1 acre of land, it is because we have considered that spraying means washing out whole plants completely but it is not required and recommended when you do that already you are wasting 70% of agrochemical mixture which is going into the soil and making it infertile but when you spray with the drone we use less water and as droplet size of drone spraying is very small it is around up to 250 microns which plants absorb immediately and in this case, only 5 to 10 % agrochemical goes to the soil. so it is not harming the soil also we are getting 100 % results by spraying the exact required quantities of agrochemicals. and because of slow speed and non-autonomous machines extra chemicals we use. That’s the reason that 1 acre in 10 litres is possible with drones only because it is fast and smart enough. 

What do we get along with the drone?

With AG-365 you will get full drone cover insurance in case of any physical damages, drone pilot training and licence, 1-year manufacturing warranty, 1-year free drone maintenance, on-field assistance, on-field Training, drone with 1  battery set, remote controller, transportation box, tool kit, user manual, service book, and 4 extra nozzle tips, battery charger.

Why is your drone costlier than other drones in the market?

Yes, our drone is a little costlier than other available drones in the market because our drone is DGCA certified and QCI tested, eligible for government subsidies, government schemes, and AIF loans, comes with our own designed agriculture-specific software, 24/7 after-sales supports, and the main thing is quality we are committed to providing quality products. That makes us different from other drones.

What is the difference between spraying through a tractor or other machinery and a drone?

  1. Using any other equipment will require you to enter the field which is highly not good and recommended for health. whereas drones will not take you inside a field for spraying and will keep you safe from hazardous chemicals because we believe there is nothing more precious than life.
  2. By using any other equipment you will need more than 150 litres of water, 1 hour of minimum time for 1-acre land, and more amount of agrochemicals whereas using drones 
  3. you will require only 10 litres of water, 10 minutes of time and 30% less amount of agrochemical.
  4. By using any other equipment you can spray a maximum of 10 acres of land a day but with a drone you can do up to 30 acres.

What is the weight of the drone with and without payload?

With Payload our drone weight is 29.45 KG and without payload it is around 17 kg