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Elevate Your Journey: Experience the future of air travel with Marut Drones and SkyDrive’s E-VTOLs. Launching in 2025, these flying cars are set to redefine the landscape of Indian air mobility, promising a revolutionary and seamless transportation experience.


Electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (E-VTOL), commonly referred to as air taxis or flying taxis, represent a revolutionary shift in air transportation. These battery-powered vehicles combine the hovering capabilities of a helicopter with the efficiency of fixed-wing aircraft. As Marut Drones explores the potential of SkyDrive’s flying taxis in India, the technology promises to revolutionize short-distance travel with minimal environmental impact.



Our MoU with SkyDrive Inc. marks a significant milestone in the development of futuristic air transportation. This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Marut Drones and SkyDrive opens up new avenues for business development and exploration of opportunities in the emerging field of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. In the dynamic realm of aviation, the partnership between Marut Drones and SkyDrive stands out as a beacon of innovation.


Marut Drones will play a pivotal role in identifying and establishing connections with potential customers and networks for SkyDrive. This includes engaging with governmental bodies, securing airfields, and collaborating with essential infrastructure providers. The scope also extends to obtaining exemptions and certifications for demonstration flights and commercial operations, thereby laying the groundwork for a successful collaboration. The scope for Marut Drones within this collaboration encompasses a wide range of activities, including obtaining necessary exemptions and certifications, securing government support, promoting localization through pilot and mechanic training, and identifying crucial partners. The establishment of eVTOL operator functions and research on the initial use case of short-distance flying in India are also key focus areas.