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Marut ZAP

The world’s first commercially available mosquito eradication and AI-backed disease prediction system.  

An average of 7,25,000 deaths across the world are caused by mosquitoes, with 9.7 million cases of vector-borne diseases being reported each year.

In fact, mosquitoes are notorious for being the most deadly animals in the world.

Combating the Mosquito Menace has Never Been Easier


Marut Drones created a three-pronged solution that used emerging technology to effectively combat the mosquito menace.

Custom Drone

Intelligent Spraying Drone - A fully automated drone that sprays biolarvicide in affected areas, from a height of 4 feet to reduce mosquito larvae density.

Thermal Fogging Drone - Have a fogging drone that can safely eradicate adult mosquitoes.

IoT device

Captures mosquitoes in the extended neighbourhood

Identifies the type of mosquito, larvae, gender, and density

Sends real-time data to the AI platform

AI Platform

Creates location maps by location, gender, density, species, and subspecies

Gives real-time reports

Identify high-risk and low-risk areas using predictive analysis

Issue critical alerts on emergency situations and disease outbreaks, facilitating intervention programs



Typically, it would take 300 man-days to cover 6.7 hectares. With Marut ZAP, it will now take less than a day to cover the same area.


The whole process will cost less than 1/5th of the usual price.

No Harmful Side-effects

Municipal laborers aren’t susceptible to skin infections and diseases as they don’t have to wade into the polluted water anymore.

Decreased Larval Count

There was a marked decrease in the larval count by 60% in the pilot projects.

Higher Coverage

Marut ZAP has covered over 1230 hectares of lakes in Hyderabad till now.

Facilitates United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 

  1. Good Health and Wellbeing
  2. Clean Water and Sanitation
  3. Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
  4. Partnerships for the Goals
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