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Custom Drones, Infinite Solutions:

Marut Drones Shaping the Future of Customized Drones.

Marut Drones’ bespoke drone solutions redefine mineral exploration, offering infinite possibilities for the evolving custom needs of the industry

Marut has achieved a historic milestone by producing India’s inaugural set of custom drones. These drones not only mark a first for the country but also introduce advanced sensors that are being utilized for the initial time in India, specifically designed for mineral exploration. Marut Drones’ Mineral Exploration Drone is packed with cutting-edge features including advanced sensors such as Magnetometer, Hyperspectral, and Lidar, enhancing its capabilities for accurate exploration and mapping. Its innovative coaxial design not only ensures stability but also facilitates precise manoeuvrability, a crucial aspect for effective mineral exploration.



NMDC procured two customised Octacopter drones from Marut Drones. This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in the field of mineral exploration, introducing advanced technology to enhance precision in mineral exploration and mapping for sustainable mining practices.

Mr. Prem Kumar Vislawath, CEO of Marut Drones expressed enthusiasm about the association with NMDC, stating, “We are the leading drone manufacturer in the country, building drones for agriculture, reforestation, and drone delivery. This is the first time in India, where we have built a drone for mineral exploration. It’s an Octaquad Coaxial X8 drone, we have specially designed for NMDC. Every aspect of this drone including the motors and the propeller systems have been made in India.

It is through our Research & Development done in the state-of-the-art infrastructure; we have been building customised drones for different sectors in the country. We believe this is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the mining and exploration space