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You won’t have to die due to unavailability of medical care.

Hepicopter can deliver vital medical help to inaccessible and remote areas swiftly.

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Quality Over Quantity

Your Lifesaving Medical Solution

BVLOS longest medical delivery
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About Hepicopter

Your Lifesaving Medical Solution

Hepicopter is not just another product; it’s a game-changer in the field of medical care. Our mission is crystal clear: to safeguard human lives by eliminating the devastating consequences of unavailability of existing cures.

Our cutting-edge technology and innovative approach empower us to identify and bridge gaps in medical care. By pinpointing region-specific healthcare deficiencies, we proactively address the needs of underserved areas, ensuring access to life-saving treatments and services.

With our comprehensive analysis and tailored strategies, Hepicopter is your trusted partner in providing lifesaving care.

Join us on this extraordinary journey to transform the landscape of medical care. Together, let’s ensure that no life is lost due to the unavailability of essential treatments. Experience the power of Hepicopter and be part of a future where accessible and effective medical solutions save lives every day.

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UAVs supporting heavy payload long range deliveries possible in faster, efficient and effective manner.

Cold Chain

Medical supplies transported in their optimal temperature for safety and reliability

Autonomous Navigation

Imaging combined with Artificial Intelligence algorithms providing fail proof autonomous navigation in integration with environmental sensing, UTM and encryption.

Hub and Spoke model

Enabling middle mile delivery from District Hospital to PHC and sub hospital centres in rural and inaccessible areas in the country, and last mile delivery within the urban front.

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