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Marut Zap

 Redefining Mosquito Control with Drone Technology.

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About Marut Zap

Empowering Reforestation with Innovation.

We understand the importance of effective mosquito control in safeguarding public health and enhancing quality of life. 

Our advanced drone technology ” MarutZap”  is developed for targeted and precise operations, efficiently targeting mosquito breeding grounds and eliminating these disease-carrying pests. 

MarutZap combines innovation and efficiency, delivering unparalleled results in mosquito eradication. 

By leveraging the power of MarutZap drones, we ensure a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to mosquito control and protect communities from vector-borne diseases.

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Mosquito eradication Drone

Faster, efficient and effective in operations, anti larval spraying drones covers much larger area in minimum time with no harmful health impact on operators.

Effective Surveillance

ZAP employees IoT, AI and other technologies to enable surveillance of mosquitoes – presence and abundance.

Intervention Monitoring

All intervention activities can be planned, monitored and tracked for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


India’s first AI algorithm to predict vector-borne disease risk and spread. With this, we can reduce the incidence rate, plan resource deployment, and better impact socio-economic fall-out.

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