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Telangana today

Five Hyderabad companies make it to Forbes 30 under 30 Asia

Five Hyderabad companies and their founders have made it to Forbes ’30 Under 30 Asia’ for the year 2020…

Times of india

IIT Guwahati alumni develops and deploys drones to prevent Coronavirus in Telangana

A start-up founded by an IIT Guwahati alumni, Prem Kumar Vislawath has sucessfully developed and deployed drones…

New Indian Express

Coronavirus awareness higher in tier-1 cities, reveals survey

Awareness on Covid-19 and its impact is high among the residents of Tier-1 cities than those living in the Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities…

economic times

Covid-19: In the times of ‘touch-me-not’ environment, drones are the new best friends

As India continues to tackle the ongoing crisis, drones have the ability to play a key role in combating the coronavirus.
The Hindu

Pact inked to boost drone ecosystem

A memorandum of understanding between Marut Dronetech Private Limited, Asia Pacific Flight Training and the Telangana government was

India today

India’s malaria crisis has a drone solution

Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest animals in the world. According to the World Health Organisation, their ability to carry and spread disease to humans causes millions of deaths every year. In 2015 malaria alone caused 438 000 deaths.

Times of india

Now, drones sow seeds as farming takes hi-tech way

Tree plantation has gone hi-tech in Telangana with city-based startup Marut Drones pressing its drones into service for dropping seed balls in Veernapalli…

Business Insider

AI is helping drones kill mosquitoes in Hyderabad – here's a chat with the filmmaker who made it happen

Prem Kumar Vislawath lives in the IT area of hederabad – Gachibowli, whereas his parents lived 40 kms away near a lake – Mantrala Cheruvu…

THe better india

Free From Mosquitoes & Water Hyacinth: How Drones With Bio-Enzymes Are Saving Hyderabad’s Lakes

Nobody likes being bitten by mosquitoes or falling prey to life-threatening diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya and filariasis that are carried by these winged menaces…

telangana today

Marut Drones eyes growth in solar sector

India is going the solar way as the nation realises the potential of renewable energy to reduce dependency on conventional fuel-based power generation. However, it has become critical to monitor the installed solar systems to get the desired electricity output…

telangana today

Marut Drones to help forest departments in surveillance

Hyderabad-based and T-Hub registered startup Marut Drones has initiated talks with State governments to deploy drones to carry out surveillance in the forests to monitor encroachments…

telangana today

Hyderabad-based startup to deliver medicine using drones

The demonstration proves technological feasibility of the concept and opens up avenues for innovation in public health and emergency health services…
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