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Marut Drones delivers first-ever customized mineral exploration drones to NMDC.

The drones aim to carry out a magnetic survey five times faster than conventional means.

Drone maker Marut Drones has delivered two customised drones to state-owned mining major NMDC for use in mining.

Equipped with cutting-edge features, including advanced sensors such as magnetometer, hyperspectral and lidar, the drones will help enhance the capabilities of the NMDC for accurate exploration and mapping. Their innovative coaxial design not only ensures stability but also facilitates precise manoeuvrability, which is crucial for effective mineral exploration, Marut Drones said on Tuesday.

The collaboration with NMDC marks a significant leap forward in mineral exploration, introducing advanced technology in mapping for sustainable mining, the firm said in a release.

Marut Drones CEO Prem Kumar Vislawath said this was the first time in India that the company had built a drone for mineral exploration. “It is an Octaquad Coaxial X8 drone… specially designed for NMDC. Every aspect of this drone, including motors and the propeller systems, have been made in India. We have been building customised drones for different sectors in the country.”

The introduction of drones is expected to revolutionise mineral exploration, particularly in prospecting for critical minerals such as lithium, copper, gold, diamond and rare earth elements, he said.

The drones aim to carry out a magnetic survey not only five times faster but also ten times more cost-effective.

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