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Marut Drones Empowers Rural Women, Pioneers Drone Innovation in India

TimesTech: Can you elaborate on Marut Drones’ initiatives to train women in every village across India and how this contributes to making India a drone skill hub?

Prem – Marut Drones launched a comprehensive program to empower women across villages in India by providing them with training in drone technology. Our primary goal is to enhance the employability of women and offer new opportunities in the rapidly growing drone/Agritech industry. So far, Marut has performed drone technology demonstrations in over 15000 villages nationwide. Marut Drones also achieved a significant milestone by concluding an exclusive drone pilot training initiative for 150+ SHG women from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Karnakata, AP & TG. This inaugural phase of the program was conducted in Hyderabad under the ‘NAMO Drone Didi’ scheme of the Central government. A 6-day training program was held for each aspiring pilot for them to acquire the drone pilot license. The SHG Women can now earn up to 60 thousand monthly through being an Agriculture Drone Service Provider. Marut’s drone pilot training initiatives for SHG women aim to diminish the gender disparity in agriculture and stimulate women’s involvement in the field through the burgeoning technology of drones. This contributes to our broader vision of positioning India as a global hub in drone skills and innovation, aligning with national goals of technological advancement and sustainable development.

TimesTech: How do Marut’s Drone academies equip trainees to become successful drone entrepreneurs by 2030?

Prem : Marut Drone Academy is the leading provider of DGCA Certified Drone Training in India and offers comprehensive drone training programs that cover everything from basic flight to simulator training & advanced drone flying. Trainees get extensive flight training and real-world practice in operating and maintaining drones and customized programs that highlight the business-related facets of drone entrepreneurship. The Academy also trains aspiring drone pilots to obtain critical skills necessary for starting and operating a successful drone business, including market opportunity identification, business strategy development, and regulatory landscape navigation. This training also helps them acquire a DGCA approved drone pilot license which is necessary to fly the drone valid for 10 years.


TimesTech: How does the patented Direct Seeding Drone foster sustainable rice cultivation, and what impact do you foresee on the agricultural sector?

Prem : The patented Direct seeding drone facilitates the aerial dispersion of multi-varied seeds of rice with precision through a meticulously designed multi-nozzle mechanism, optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of seed-sowing processes. The Direct seeding drone solves a significant problem with conventional rice growing techniques by reducing the demand for flooded areas, thereby conserving water. A recent study suggests that 22 % of Indian smallholder farmers see labour costs / lack of labour as one of the biggest challenges to their operations. Through Marut’s collaborative research with PJTSAU, Marut aims to advance the adoption of DSR through drones and scale a more economically viable and sustainable rice cultivation system —a benefit for regions where labor is in short supply. The drone will also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint connected with rice cultivation, which is in line with sustainable agricultural techniques, by reducing the need for large machinery and water consumption.

TimesTech: What are the current challenges in the drone industry, particularly in India, and how is Marut Drones addressing them?

Prem : The drone sector in India confronts various challenges, Marut Drones works is working closely with regulatory bodies to streamline approval processes and promote supporting policies. Another major challenge in the drone industry is a lack of competent workers. To tackle this, Marut Drone Academy is providing comprehensive training for drone pilots, including technical skills and guiding them through safety standards. Many people, particularly in rural areas, may find drone technology prohibitively expensive. Additionally, Under Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra, Marut raised public awareness about the benefits of drones through community outreach and partnerships with educational institutions. By tackling these challenges, Marut aims to create a favorable environment for the growth and adoption of drone technology in India, positioning our country as a global leader in this field.

TimesTech: Can you discuss Marut’s initiatives for advancing drone technology in urban air mobility, such as air taxis?

Prem : Marut has recently signed a Memorandum of understanding with SkyDrive.Inc, a Japanese UAV manufacturer. This MoU between Marut Drones and SkyDrive paves the way for new business development and exploration potential in the burgeoning field of eVTOL aircraft in India. Marut’s clientele primarily comprises both Indian residents and international tourists seeking exceptional experiences. This will make mobility to renowned world heritage sites, pilgrimage destinations, easily accessible areas from international airports or city centres, and popular wedding venues much easier. Marut will also offer E-VTOL tours to key destinations across the country, catering to the growing demand for unique travel experiences. The technology promises to revolutionize short-distance travel with minimal environmental impact. Marut is also working closely with key stakeholders to position India as a leader in regulatory readiness for eVTOL services.

TimesTech: What are some of Marut Drones’ proudest achievements, and what future goals do you have for the company?

Marut Drones has been working with rural communities and stakeholders to create awareness about the use of drone technology, taking forward the Government of India’s vision to make India a drone hub by 2030. Some of Marut’s key achievements are:

  • Receiving Type Certification for both the agriculture drones, AG365 & AG365 S.
  • Building a Network of 30+ dealerships across India.
  • Training 1000+ DGCA Certified Drone Pilots
  • Winning awards such as FICCI award for sustainable agriculture 2022, Nasscom emerging technology award – Drones & AI, Telangana State Industry Awards 2022 – Best Start Up Company, Forbes 30 Under 30, TiE Sustainability Summit Award, Facebook India Innovation Accelerator, etc.

The company’s proudest achievements include empowering rural women to become financially independent. Marut’s Drone Yatra has resulted in an increased enrollment of women in drone training programs at Remote Pilot Training Organisations. Marut’s grassroots outreach has effectively informed women about the transformative impact of drone technology on their livelihoods and financial independence.

Marut’s goal is to build the agricultural infrastructure of the next 100 years that will provide the world with sufficient, diversified, and safe food.

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