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CM Of Maharashtra Introduces Marut Drones AG365 To Farmers Of Buldhana, Encourages Drone Adoption Under SMAM Scheme

Mumbai: With farmer’s welfare at priority, the Govt. of Maharashtra and Marut Drones in collaboration introduced Marut’s AG365 drones to farmers of the Buldhana district. Eknath Shinde, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, personally interacted with the beneficiaries and encouraged them to spread awareness about the use of drones in farming, this is a positive step towards promoting technological advancements in agriculture.

 Marut’s AG365S drone, which has already become a point of attraction for farmers is the first and only drone in Buldhana under the SMAM (Sub-mission On Agriculture Mechanization) scheme. This could potentially lead to improved agricultural practices, increased productivity, and enhanced crop management for the farmers in Buldhana.

The SMAM scheme, which aims to promote and strengthen agricultural mechanization, is a crucial initiative for modernizing agriculture across India. The fact that it will be implemented in all Indian states highlights the government’s commitment to supporting farmers and enhancing agricultural practices nationwide.

By showcasing Marut’s multi-utility AG365S drone to farmers as part of this scheme, the Maharashtra agriculture department is playing a key role in educating and training farmers on the benefits and applications of drone technology in agriculture. This can lead to more efficient and sustainable farming practices, ultimately benefiting the farming community and the agricultural sector.

On this occasion, Prem Kumar Vislawath, CEO of Marut Drones said, “Marut’s technology is reaching remote districts to resolve the crisis afflicting the farmer’s community. We are extremely thankful to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra for encouraging drone adoption to farmers of Buldhana. With Marut’s AG365 drone, the farming practices will be revolutionized, AG-365 is designed and developed for Indian conditions and can be used for multiple purposes giving a higher return on investment to the farmers. Marut drones will generate economic and employment opportunities in districts, the drones are safe to operate and have flying endurance of 22 minutes. With govt support and partnerships with agriculture departments, we will ensure that Marut’s technology reaches across villages and towns.”

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