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Industry Welcomes Amendment on Drone Amendment Rules 2023 notified by Ministry of Civil Aviation

Marut Drones, Founder and CEO, Prem Kumar Vislawath says, “Prior to this modification, it was extremely difficult for anyone to participate in drone training without a passport.”

Ministry of Civil Aviation has notified the Drone (Amendment) Rules 2023, under which mandatory requirement of passport has been waived off. According to the notification, identity proof and address proof can be submitted as substitute for passport.

Further to this industry development, sharing a commentary by Prem Kumar Vislawath, Founder and CEO of Marut Drones.

This disruptive initiative to eliminate the mandatory passport requirement and instead accept Voter’s ID cards, Ration Cards, and Driving Licenses as valid forms of identification in the “Drone (Amendment) Rules, 2023” is a groundbreaking move. It aims to transform India into a drone hub while also fostering rural development. The inclusion of these alternative forms of identification is a commendable step, especially in the context of agricultural applications. It is likely to speed up the adoption of drone

technology in the field of agriculture and will lead to substantial employment generation and agri-business opportunities in rural areas.

Before this amendment, the necessity for individuals to possess a passport for drone training posed significant challenges, particularly in rural areas where passport ownership is relatively uncommon, and the passport application process can be unfamiliar and daunting.

This positive disruption in regulations is expected to streamline the achievement of initiatives such as the Prime Minister’s vision to provide drone training to 15,000 women-led Self-Help Groups (SHGs).

 The amendment in passport requirements is poised to enable the realization of the Union Minister of Civil Aviation’s vision, which entails the creation of over 3 lakh jobs and an overall industry turnover reaching up to Rs. 30,000 crore by the year 2026.

 This is highly promising news for the entire drone industry, particularly benefiting our farming community. It signifies that the government is actively responsive to the needs of the industry and is strategically positioning India to become a global hub for drones.”

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